Measuring Standard for the CmController

Measuring boards and components

Glass reference and measurement standards

Production components for the production of printed circuit boards are sometimes subject to considerable tolerances. With this, it is usually not possible to draw conclusions about the machine with measurements of the product (more on this under Basics).

This is the reason why we have developed measuring plates and components which reproduce printed circuit boards and electronic components in glass with high precision.

Our measuring components are designed in such a way that an automatic machine in SMT production can process them like standard components.

Furthermore, we have taken care during the construction to ensure that the expensive and sensitive glass parts are protected as much as possible. By embedding them into a frame or a complete housing, they are easy to handle. A fall from a height of 1m is usually not a problem

Some construction and design features are protected by a patent.

Measuring Boards

Our measuring plates are designed in such a way that an SMT production line can process them like a printed circuit board and the CmController can automatically measure the finished product.

For an optimal adaptation to the processes of our customers we have already developed and manufactured a large number of different measuring plates. We would be happy to create an individual solution for you.

The measuring plates of type MPL02, MPL07, MPL09 are most frequently used

Measurement Components

In order to ensure that the existing tolerances of SMD components do not influence the measurement results of assembly machines, we have reproduced them in glass.

Our measuring components are designed in such a way that an automat can process them like normal SMD components and no additional errors are caused by the components. Therefore, our patented glass components have the pin structure at the bottom, so parallax errors are excluded.

In addition, additional measuring structures are mounted on the measuring plates and components, so that the CmController or another measuring system can measure the position of the components.

The TQFP 100 is used for most measuring tasks.