Measurement Service for Determining Positioning Accuracy of SMT Equipment

Positioning Accuracy

Positioning accuracy for x-y gantry motion is a defining quality feature that can be used for most SMT equipment such as pick and place machines, dispensers, printers, lasers, labelers and depanelers. The measuring principle for these different tasks is always the same.

These measurements are based on a high-precision structured glass board. Different sizes are available depending on the measurement task. The glass board runs through the system to be measured like a regular production board and is assembled with components or other measurement objects. It is then inserted into the CmController and the positions of the components are determined by relative measurement. This means that the measurement object to be measured and the reference structures on the measuring board are in the same camera field of view. This enables the position of the assembled components to be measured with high precision and robustness. This method allows measurement in the immediate vicinity of the equipment under investigation. A special temperature controlled measuring room is not required.

The measuring accuracy achieved in this way permits reliable measurement of machines down to specification limits of +/-5 µm, depending on the measuring task.

Based on the results of such measurements, conclusions can be drawn on the behaviour of the machine axes or other components involved. The machine can now be optimised or the cause of some production errors can be found and corrected.